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electronic music

1. sardinia 7 (6:55)

what a lively place this is. feeling headless like saint ephisius.


2. sardinia 8 (11:19)

wandering along the shore and looking at the ocean. beyond in the distance is africa.


3. sardinia 4 (11:06)

sitting at the pool after a long day in the dark, wondering about life. croaking frogs aren’t lonesome.


4. sardinia 9 (20:15)

the sun is rising over the sea, you can see it through the window in your hotel room. your dreams are washed away by this beautiful light.


5. sardinia 2 (4:05)

having fun isn’t a sin.




the sardinian tapes (2010)

basic tracks recorded between march and june 2008 with a diy modular synthesizer in pula/sardinia. field recordings for the tracks recorded with a dictaphone on various locations in sardinia. thanks to atze for the field recording on track 3. overdubs and editing at the “landebahn studio” stuttgart, germany. mixed and mastered by jochen stegmeier. thanks to heiko and atze for the cover art. cover layout by mirella.


listen to samples:


released as free download on the legendary Earth Mantra netlabel


download the sardinian tapes:


have a look at the wonderful short movie my friend daniela thiel did with music of the sardinian tapes: